With its lush landscape, colorful wildlife, and friendly culture, Uganda is known as “The Pearl of Africa.” Boasting the Source of the Nile (the world’s longest river) flowing from beautiful Lake Victoria (the world’s largest tropical lake), Uganda does not play small. With a landmass the size of the UK, there are over 60 languages spoken throughout the country. 

However, as in many communities worldwide, women in Uganda often carry the economic burden for the home, and yet employment opportunities for women are sparse- leading to a generational cycle of poverty. Understanding this situation, S4CF became the primary supporter of Amaani Collective (formerly known as “Musana”), an organization that provides employment and educational opportunities for women. S4CF has covered school fees for the children of all women in the Amaani program, funded adult literacy and health classes, been a major purchaser of Musana's handcraft, and provided Rain product to artisans and their children, with a specific focus on those living with HIV. 

But S4CF didn't stop there. Over the past year, S4CF has helped fund the purchasing of 1/2 acre plot of land and the construction of a large workshop facility at the edge of the Mabira Rainforest. In addition to providing a beautiful space for the artisans to do their work in, S4CF is supporting the creation of a tourism stopover point on the new land that will help Amaani be able to support their many community-building programs long-term.