With its vast mountain landscapes, medieval fortresses, and enchanting village life, a visit to Romania can feel like a nostalgic step back in time. However, after the political shifts of the late 1980s, life drastically changed as whole industries collapsed, causing many families to become destitute. This had the most devastating effects on thousands of children, who were increasingly facing neglect or abuse at home, or the harsh conditions of surviving on the streets. Seeing thousands of children in this situation, Father Csaba Böjte started the St. Francis Foundation of Deva. Here the needs of the family and child are taken into account, with options for children to attend after school programs where they receive school supplies, clothing, food, and life skills support while living at home, or placed in loving children’s homes for those without a currently safe home life or who have lost parents. 

Together with Rain partners throughout Eastern Europe, S4CF will be working with these 82 centers supporting over 2,000 children across Romania and Hungary to provide days of service to upkeep homes and grounds, mentoring children in preparing for their futures, and financial support to continue the foundation’s important work. Currently we are raising funds to restore an old donated building that will be used as a community center and home to dozens of vulnerable children on the foundation’s waiting list in Secueni, Romania.