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With thousands of Rain distributors across the world, our potential for collective good is immense. Imagine what would happen if each Rain partner reached out to make a positive change within our own community. United in the common cause of the Seeds for Change Foundation, together we have the chance to turn the dial on the difficulties in our world.

Throughout the year, Rain will designate S4CF service days, where Rain distributors are invited to provide service to benefit their local communities. In areas where there is a significant Rain distributor presence, S4CF will form partnerships with vetted local charities, and together plan and facilitate the service activity. In areas where Rain’s presence is just starting, distributors are encouraged to invite friends to form their own service activities. 

Follow our Instagram account and Facebook page Seeds for Change Foundation, and make sure to use our hashtag #s4cf in your posts, and connect with your fellow Rain colleagues around the world hacking at the world’s issues alongside you. With each of us doing our part, see and feel the incredible force for good we are together.